Choosing an HDMI to Scart converter: The Ultimate Guide

Just a quick note to let you know that an HDMI to Scart Converter and a Scart to HDMI Converter are not the same but luckily we’ve got guides on both of them on this page.

HDMI to Scart Converter

So you’ve just bought a new Blu-ray player a want to hook it up to your older television? Bummer! You’ve only got scart sockets on your TV and there’s no way that an HDMI cable will work with that so what are you going to do? You could go out and spend hundreds on a new TV even though the one you’ve got works perfectly fine or you could buy a scart/hdmi adapter that will allow you to use all your current entertainments system peripherals whether it’s a Sky HD Box or a Playstation3.

HDMI to Scart ConverterHow Does it work?

An HDMI to SCART HD Converter will convert the HDMI signal to a Scart signal with stereo sound allowing you to watch HDMI video on TVs that only have Scart interface sockets and this will extend the life of their current TV for less than £40. The diagram to the right shows how it works and the range of possibilities this piece of equipment gives you. Very little money goes a long way to ensuring your old/new equipment lasts longer.

Comparison Guide

We though it would be useful to show you what HDMI to Scart converters are available and how much they cost to give you an easy comparison guide to which ones to choose.

ImageConverterMax ResolutionPriceRating (5 Max)
HDMI to SCART Composite PAL Video Converter Adapter for Blu Ray DVD SKY TV STB

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Generic HDMI to Scart Converter

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Scart to HDMI Converter

A while back Scart cables were the default choice for connect all your AV equipment but now HDMI is the choice for getting High- Def images and sounds. You may have bought a new HD Television but a lot of the time Scart sockets are being phased out and it could mean that a lot of your current equipment simply won’t connect to it due to a lack of scart sockets.

How Does It Work?

This innovative device allows you to transfer the inferior scart analog audio and video from devices such as your VCR and will upscale it to digital HDMI, providing the highest levels of video and audio quality through a single cable, while eliminating the hassle and expense of compatibility. The diagram below shows how simple it is to connect your device to your television. Scart to HDMI connection So you can now connect Scart to HDMI but these also have an advanced upscaling function that will take your standard definition Scart signal and automatically convert it to 1080p HD. The following video has been made by one of the manufacturers and shows in great detail what you’ll be getting and how they work. Although produced mainly in Asia these are all sold through Amazon in the UK so you’ll be assured top quality and all your usual consumer rights.

Comparison Guide

Below you’ll find a guide on the best converters around along with ratings and prices too so you can make the best informed decision before your purchase.

ImageConverterMax ResolutionPriceRating
XCSOURCE Scart to HDMI Full HD Upscaler Converter

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AV-Pro Scart and HDMI Converter

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Konig Scart to HDMI Converter

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SCART +HDMI to HDMI converter

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Hopefully this short guide has helped you out and you will know whether you need an HDMI to Scart adapter or a Scart to HDMI adapter.